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Student Visa

Apply for student visa and pursue your higher education in your dream country. Get abundance of opportunities for study abroad.

Visitor Visa

Explore different amazing countries and meet friends & family residing overseas. Apply for visit visa from India and fulfill your travel desires.

IELTS Coaching

Join IELTS coaching at the best institute in Hoshiarpur and get higher band score to grab the opportunity to study overseas destinations.

Spoken English Coaching

Improve English language fluency and feel confident while communicating with others. Get job opportunities in Multinational Companies.

Apply for Permanent Residency

Trustworthy Services

Redstone Immigration Consultant Pvt. Ltd. is providing the best immigration solutions to all the aspirants who are planning to migrate permanently to the countries and get amazing opportunities for excelling in their careers.

Permanent Residence (PR) scheme of different top countries attracts a wide range of skilled persons every year.

Among top countries, Canada is honored for having the highest immigration rates in the world. There are more than 250,000 PR applications get accepted each year by the Canadian High Commission.

On the other hand, the applicants who prefer to move to Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, for one or another reason, they also find an excellent future over there.

Get Best Immigration Advice

The entire team of Redstone Immigration Consultant Pvt. Ltd. has and experience of several years. We focus to be updated with the rules & regulations of immigration hence we provide the best immigration advice to our valuable clients. We are proud to have an excellent record in immigration consultant services during the long period.

Our services are tailored for completing the immigration process smoothly and in a time-bound manner. We assess the profile of candidates and disclose all the options available. After checking the eligibility of the candidates, our experts help them to understand the entire process of PR along with numerous requirements that must be met while applying for PR for the specific country.

We, at Redstone Immigration Consultant Pvt. Ltd., Hoshiarpur, reveal the rules & facts after assessing the profile as we don’t prefer to mislead anyone for the sake of our profit.

Contact us for making your Permanent Residency application without indulging in the complications of the process.

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Get customized solutions for all kinds of immigration needs

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